Colour Palette

Primary Colours

The primary corporate colours for use with the ComfortDelGro Australia corporate identity are CDC Blue and CDC Orange. White should be used as the dominant background colour with the two corporate colours featuring prominently. The corporate colours should be reproduced consistently across all material. Tints of these colours may also be used.

CDC Blue 

CMYK 100/58/0/0

RGB 5/96/170

HEX #0560AA

PMS 300 C

CDC Orange 

CMYK 0/61/73/0

RGB 255/102/0

HEX #FF6600

PMS 164 C

Secondary Colours

The supporting colour palette is composed of CDC Grey, CDC Light Blue and white. These colours should compliment and be used in conjunction with the primary colour palette. Tints of these colours may also be used.

CDC Light Blue 

CMYK 80/15/0/0

RGB 0/160/222


PMS 299 C

CDC Grey 

CMYK 10/0/0/80

RGB 80/84/86

HEX #505455

Grey PMS 425 C


CMYK 0/0/0/0

RGB 255/255/255


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