The use of photography can add impact to any publication. Choosing the right photograph can help convey atmosphere, personality and emotion and can also strengthen the message you are trying to communicate.

Images selected for print media must be 300dpi resolution and saved as CMYK, this will ensure good print reproduction.


  • Use imagery that adds value and is relevant to the content.
  • When selecting imagery with people, consider inclusion of different ethnicities, ages and genders.
  • Choose photos that reflect the brand personality.
  • Always include some images of people looking directly at the camera lens.
  • Images should be taken at high resolution and in good lighting conditions.
  • Where possible, keep compositions simple.


  • Don’t use photos that are too obviously posed or from a studio setting.
  • Don’t use photos with cluttered and irrelevant backgrounds
  • Don’t use poor quality images – this will create a poor perception of our brand.

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