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ComfortDelGro has strong operational and maintenance capability in metro and light rail solutions and will work with partners to deliver innovative solutions to Australia where opportunities arise.

Rail And Light Rail

We Know Rail

83 Kilometers
79 Stations
TripsOver 400 Million Passengers

Light RailFor nearly two decades, ComfortDelGro has operated heavy and light rail networks across Singapore. In 2003, we were the first in the world to launch a driverless, fully automated heavy rail network.

ComfortDelGro’s two Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines – the North East Line (NEL) and Downtown Line (DTL) – combined with our Sengkang-Punggol Light Rail Transit (LRT) system service over 400 million passengers annually. With an average daily ridership of over 1 million and growing, these heavy and light rail networks will remain a vital and popular cog in Singapore’s public transport solution for decades to come.

ComfortDelGro’s NEL was part of the world’s first and is now the world’s longest driverless, fully automated train network. A lot has been learned by ComfortDelGro about driverless train networks since operations began in 2003. The increase in efficiency, reliability and safety, combined with lower running costs, results in a win for passengers, and a win for government.

Singapore SBS Transit North East Line TrainsConnecting Cities and Regions

In Australia, trains are a one of the most popular modes of mass public transport, connecting people within major cities to their employment of education via metropolitan networks.

That said, truly satisfying door to door journeys require multi-modal transport linkages. Depending on the transport infrastructure, the geography and the demographics, how could trains link to buses, link to light rail, link to taxis?

CDC works closely with government, local authorities and community to explore how we can effectively and efficiently transform connectivity and accessibility through an integrated, multi-modal transport system.

When it comes to exploring new rail and light rail solutions in Australia, CDC brings our global expertise and innovation to the table.

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