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Taxis are in our DNA with global operations in five countries across 14 cities including Perth.


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Global Countries5 Countries
Cities14 Cities
TaxisOver 29,000 Taxis

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Taxis are in our DNA. Globally, we operate in five countries across 14 cities. In Singapore alone, we are the market leader with a fleet of over 10,000 taxis.

In Perth, ComfortDelGro operates the largest network provider Swan Taxis with over 1,300 taxis, of which we own over 240, a training centre for drivers and two in-house workshops. Outside metro areas, Swan Taxis also supports many regional hubs including Broome, Bunbury, Karratha and Mandurah.

IMG 3679First Mile Last Mile Connections

Taxis play a vital role in the mobility chain providing individual, convenient, door-to-door solutions. Taxis complement and reinforce public transport by filling the gaps and extending the catchment areas of public transport networks. They provide feeder services from remote areas to public transport routes as well as serving areas with poor or non-existent public transport.

Taxis provide choice whenever and wherever. Taxis’ on-demand flexibility makes them a critical and sizeable part of our transport portfolio globally.

Swan Taxis 2Great Journeys Door to Door

At ComfortDelGro, we combine 24/7 seamless taxi dispatch services with awesome drivers who promise passengers safe, comfortable journeys door to door.

We recruit drivers who have a good track record in safe driving. It’s also important that our drivers have great local knowledge, everything from where the popular landmarks and attractions are, to the best short cuts for when traffic gets heavy.

ComfortDelGro Taxis ResizeTech Game Changers

In the face of passengers with smartphones demanding more personalised and more connected solutions, taxi transport is going through a digital transformation.

We are currently looking at new ways to enhance taxi-booking apps for both passengers and drivers. In Singapore, our customer service centre manages millions of taxi bookings a year.

Australia Swan Taxis EV CabsGreener Taxis

In sustainably managing our core land transport business, ComfortDelGro is committed to lowering the carbon footprint of each journey by minimising adverse impacts on the environment and community. We invest in the development, early adoption and commercialisation of alternate energy sources and low emission technologies.

Across our Australian and Singaporean fleet, we operate nearly 5,000 hybrid taxis. Hybrid taxis consume significantly less fuel and emit less carbon dioxide.

Swan Taxis is also currently working with manufacturers and regulators on Australia’s first electric taxi trial. Electric vehicles run on electricity and plug-in rechargeable batteries making them emission-free and even greener than hybrids.

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