CDC Northern Territory

The CDC Northern Territory brand is comprised of one subsidiary, Buslink.

The Buslink brand is predominantly reserved for use on customer-facing materials. The Buslink logo must also always include the ‘A ComfortDelgro Company’ tagline in Buslink Grey.

The Buslink colours and typography are outlined on this page, for more information on the Buslink brand, please reference the Buslink Master Branding Guide here <hyperlink to guide>.

For all internal communications, please use the CDC Northern Territory stationery available.

CDC Northern Territory Subsidiaries

Buslink Colours

Buslink Blue

CMYK 87/1/0/0

RGB 0/169/224

HEX #11A9E0

PMS 2995 C

Buslink Navy

CMYK 100/24/11/52

RGB 0/79/113

HEX #005172

PMS 3025 C

Buslink Grey

CMYK 29/23/16/51

RGB 116/118/120

HEX #747678

PMS Cool Grey 9

Buslink Typography



The preferred corporate typeface for headers, subheaders and break out copy. The font is to be used on all external communications.

Aller is available for download here:

Opens Sans

Opens Sans

The preferred corporate typeface for extensive body copy.

Open Sans is available to download here:

Global offices