Our Purpose

CDC is committed to delivering best-in-class transport for today and tomorrow that is safe, reliable, inclusive and sustainable. It is our passion and our privilege.


To see the connections that we make grow and enable liveable and sustainable communities.

As one of Australia’s leading transport providers, we are responsible for moving millions of customers where they want to go every year. It is our passion and privilege.

Trusted by government and local authorities, our people, our customers, our partners and the broader community, we are committed to enabling and growing sustainable communities through delivering and evolving transport solutions for today and tomorrow.



Building communities by connecting people and places.

Millions of customer connections are made over the year. We are humbled by the trust our repeat customers, their families, local authorities and governments have in us to complete each journey safely and sustainably. We are proud to be part of the glue that helps connect and bind the communities we serve. We are committed to continuing to serve our communities and growing our service footprint in existing and expanding communities.


We Care

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Customer Experience
We Care For Our Customers Value Icon

Our customers are always the front and centre of what we do. We are committed to providing transportation services that are safe, reliable, and efficient. We recognise the existing and future needs of our customers and the communities we serve every day.

We Care For Our People Value Icons

Our people are our greatest asset. The health, safety and well-being of our people is our top priority. We are committed to providing a positive work culture and promoting a safe working environment. We foster diversity and inclusion, dignity, and respect. Our success is achieved through our team of passionate employees with a spirit of teamwork and collaboration, committed to excellent service delivery.

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We Care For Our Partners, Suppliers Icon Values

We practise win-win partnerships with our partners, suppliers and stakeholders. We recognise the importance of long term, mutually sustainable relationships. As a trusted business partner, we commit to providing high standards of service delivery. With our suppliers, we commit to dealing fairly and ethically.

We Care For Our Environment

We respect the people in our communities and promote care for the environment by embracing sustainable practices across our businesses. We foster an environment of trust by engaging the communities we serve and supporting initiatives that provide a broader benefit to society. We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations and promoting sustainable transportation outcomes.

We Care For Our Shareholders
We Care For Our Share Holders

We are committed to generating value for our shareholders. We recognise that sustainable long-term value for our shareholders is built through continually recognising and acting on opportunities that have a positive financial impact supported by our internal and external stakeholders. This is achieved by making life better for our customers and communities, investing in our employees and in strong partnerships with our partners, suppliers, and stakeholders. We also commit to transparency and effective engagement with our shareholders.

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