Urban and Regional Bus Services

CDC operates over 2,800 buses across New South Wales, Victoria, the Northern Territory, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory.


We Know Buses

ComfortDelGro Headquarters

The ComfortDelGro Advantage – Global Smarts, Local Insights

For over two decades, our parent company ComfortDelGro has been operating some of the most challenging public transport networks and it’s these longstanding, multi-modal credentials that help us to inform smarter and more competitive local solutions in Australia.

Across the globe we are focussed on the electrification of our fleet, to contribute to cleaner, more sustainable transport solutions. We are actively transitioning to greener and more efficient transport solutions. In Singapore, 31 electric buses are in operation on our scheduled bus service operated by our sister company, SBS Transit.

In London, ComfortDelGro’s wholly owned subsidiary Metroline has years of experience operating hybrid and electric buses, as well as hydrogen buses. After launching the world’s first all electric, zero emission double deck bus in London in 2018, Metroline now has a commercial fleet of over 160 electric buses and 20 hydrogen buses.

The London experience has enabled us to pioneer the successful launch of our fleet of 50 hybrid buses in Victoria, the largest in Australia. This global expertise has also helped us to explore Zero Emissions bus technologies in Australia, which has begun with a bus trial in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs in partnership with the Victorian Department of Transport and industry leaders. We now operate three electric buses in Victoria, and two in New South Wales. As part of our commitment to greener journeys and cleaner air in Australia, we are also exploring hydrogen fuel cell technology through our partnership with Australian sustainable energy and vehicle suppliers led by Viva Energy. This partnership will see the roll-out of two hydrogen powered fuel cell buses in Geelong in 2024.


Building Communities by Linking People to Places

Bus transport builds social cohesion, helping people access education, work and healthcare. Buses are often the only transport option for people who don’t drive or own a car, have special mobility requirements or live in remote areas. Our footprint across metro and regional communities gives us a unique opportunity to connect people to places across Australia. Through our provision of on-demand buses we are also amplifying the convenience and connectivity for our customers across Australia.

In each community we operate in, we use our knowledge and understanding of local needs and wants to better serve our customers. Whether it’s in busy urban environments or sparsely populated regional areas, CDC connects people with places and communities right across Australia.

Since our arrival in Australia in 2005, CDC has forged a reputation for providing safe, reliable and timely journeys for a wide range of customers.

Trusted Partner

CDC has provided safe, reliable, flexible and integrated bus services for close to 20 years. We partner with government, local authorities, commuters and the community to deliver public transport solutions that build communities by linking people to places.

As a trusted partner, our focus is on the delivery of:

  • Reliable Services
  • Safer Journeys
  • Best-in-class Customer Experience
  • Continuous Innovation

Reliable Services

Maintaining reliable services is critical in ensuring bus competitiveness and popularity. Ideally, buses keep to schedule and travel evenly along routes at a predetermined headway. In reality though, we do operate in a dynamic environment and are subject to daily variation and traffic conditions.

CDC’s Operations and Customer Centres (OCC) across our operations nationally are constantly monitoring changing traffic conditions to keep drivers and passengers informed so as to minimise journey disruptions. Our Operations and Customer Centres are able to see what is occurring on the road, from traffic conditions to planned / unplanned disruptions which will be communicated to drivers in buses to better keep you on time.

Safer and More Comfortable Journeys

Keeping our staff, our passengers, fellow commuters and the broader community safe and ensuring a comfortable journey is CDC’s top priority. Bus presentation in terms of cleanliness and appearance, comfortable seating, climate control and smooth driving combine to significantly influence the journey experience.

For safety, our teams closely monitor all buses from the time they depart the depot. Our drivers are trained on how to stay safe and make sound decisions when confronted with difficult situations including managing anti-social behaviour, conflict and emergencies.

Our drivers are also comprehensively trained to manage the safety systems on board including digital radio systems with duress capabilities and where fitted, driver assistance technologies like GreenRoad and Mobileye which help avoid collisions and prevent injuries by monitoring driver behaviour and encouraging economical driving. When it comes to safety, we are dedicated to continuous improvement.

Our investment in GreenRoad telematics software is also contributing to more comfortable journeys for our customers by providing our drivers with real-time information to encourage more economical driving habits including smoother driving.

In the future, CDC will continue to explore innovative solutions to make our services even safer and more comfortable.

Customer Experience

Access for All

Buses are often the primary transport option for people with special mobility requirements. Low floor buses make up a large portion of CDC’s fleet, making our bus transport more accessible and inclusive for people with special mobility requirements, for seniors and for parents with prams. Our drivers are also trained to professionally and respectfully work with passengers who require assistance to board.

As part of an initiative to better serve passengers with special mobility requirements, CDC has introduced priority seating on all buses in Victoria. These seats have distinct livery for clear identification and are located at the front of our buses to help reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls.

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