ComfortDelGro Australia is committed to reducing the energy and carbon footprint of both our vehicles and operations buildings, minimising adverse impacts on the environment and the community.



Our approach to sustainability is in line with the direction set by our parent company, ComfortDelGro.

ComfortDelGro is committed to mitigating and adapting to climate change by providing climate-friendly transport options and sustainable mobility services. As a significant player in the transportation sector, which is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, we are actively transitioning to more efficient and greener transportation methods. We aim to reduce our environmental impact by electrifying our fleet, improving energy efficiency, and investing in clean, renewable energy,

In Australia, we are at the forefront of the transition of environmentally conscious public transport, benefiting from ComfortDelGro group’s expertise and experience in Zero Emission Bus technology globally. In addition to reducing emission, our commitment to sustainability extends to the implementation of initiatives across our operations from the investment in solar panels, better waste and water management and contribution to environment initiatives through our community engagement.

All in all, ComfortDelGro Australia is committed to minimising its environmental impact and contributing to a more sustainable future.

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Commitment to Sustainability

ComfortDelGro Australia invest in the use of alternate energy sources and low emission technologies. Across Australia we are driving sustainability initiatives across our operations.

In Victoria, we have replaced 50 of our diesel buses with the Volvo Euro 6 hybrid vehicles resulting in reductions of fuel consumption and emissions of 30 per cent compared to the diesel buses they replaced. We have also begin trialling fully electric buses in Melbourne, and two hydrogen buses are being assembled for CDC to begin trialling shortly. In NSW, CDC is operating two battery electric buses.

We also continue to implement sustainability initiatives across our operations, including using harvested rainwater to clean our buses and reducing emissions through installing solar panels at our depots.

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Reducing Our Impact

We are also committed to reducing the energy, impact and carbon footprint of the buildings we operate by managing our real estate sustainably through construction, lifetime use and decommissioning. We aim to be efficient in the use of resources, protective of the occupants’ health and wellbeing, and mitigate any negative waste and pollution impacts.

Examples of activities we undertake to reduce our impact include:

  • The introduction of solar power across multiple depot locations
  • Implementation of an organisation-wide program to replace traditional incandescent lights with LEDs
  • The installation of water tanks at many of our depots to conserve water supplies
  • Research and development to extend the useful life of our bus-washing water, from three months to six months, using bromide additives.

We promote a strong environmentally conscious culture through enhanced environmentally friendly work practices and support many sustainability events and revegetation activities within the community. Sustainability is also a cornerstone of our community engagement work.

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