NextGen Transport

Re-imagining tomorrow’s transport solution, we are pursuing investments in new and emerging tech start-ups that bridge the gap between what is, and what could be.

Next Generation

NextGen Transport

Technology is evolving at lightning speed presenting both opportunities and challenges in the way we plan and deliver passenger transport and infrastructure. We know tomorrow’s transport solutions will be more personal, more autonomous, more integrated and more sustainable.

In growing our existing businesses, we committed to pursuing strategic investments in new and emerging tech start-ups that bridge the gap between what is, and what could be.

“Mobility Comes to Life” is our strategic vision. In 2019, ComfortDelGro established a US$100 million corporate venture capital fund to invest in transport related start-ups that plug technology gaps and address the impact of disruptive challenges to our core land transport business.

Our recent investments have enabled us to take significant steps on our sustainability journey, helping to build a better tomorrow through ComfortDelGro’s US$100 million venture capital fund. Through the fund we invested in Shift4Good, a global independent venture capital impact fund dedicated to sustainable mobility. Shift4Good will play an active role in financing and supporting the most promising European and Southeast Asian start-ups with solutions aimed at decarbonising the transportation industry.

To develop our capabilities in in the operation and maintenance of Autonomous Vehicles, in 2022 we established an Autonomous Vehicle Centre of Excellence through the US$100 million venture capital fund. The centre will focus on research and development of AV-related capabilities, enabling us to develop a technology platform to support the delivery of mobility services using AVs.

NextGen Transport

In 2019, three investments were made through ComfortDelGro’s US$100 million venture capital fund, firstly in shared mobility tech start-up Ministry of Movement (SWAT) and their demand response transport technology.

Our second investment in Haulio – a container trucking technology start-up company based in Singapore that helps match trucking job demand with supply, helping trucking companies save time and resources, while improving visibility and reliability for end customers.

Also in 2019, we invested in Foretellix – an autonomous vehicle safety testing and compliance technology start-up company – focuses on developing solutions to bridge the gap between current vehicle testing standards and the eventual stringent safety and compliance requirements that autonomous vehicles will need to achieve for full commercialisation.

We are heavily invested and committed to re-imagining tomorrow’s transport solutions.

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