Customer Experience

CDC believes customer experience is at the cornerstone of a successful and sustainable transport business.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

We aim for every journey to provide best-in-class transport experience– whether it’s a daily commute to work or a social outing with friends. We are passionate about the role we play in people’s journeys.

Transport is competitive and passenger expectations are also constantly changing. CDC strives to evolve to meet and anticipate changing passenger requirements. We are committed to improving transportation in every way possible for the benefit of our customers and local communities.

Customer First

We place the passenger at the heart of every decision we make. Understanding passenger habits and preferences from day to day and week to week better informs transport solutions in terms of ease, connectivity and comfort.

In addition to local intelligence, we also leverage interstate and international smarts in our efforts to deliver best-in-class passenger experiences.

Understanding our Passengers

Understanding Our Passengers

We know our passengers very well. We know their likes, dislikes and what’s on their ‘wish list’, which always helps when planning service upgrades or redesigns.

CDC drivers and service staff collect feedback directly from passengers every day. We also engage an independent partner agency to conduct satisfaction surveys and assess the popularity of new initiatives.

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Proven Success

We’re committed to delivering great journeys which demand investment in innovative technology, systems, training and people.

Our bus operations consistently achieve high levels of passenger satisfaction. Our people have also been acclaimed over the years in industry awards.

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