Blanch’s Bus Company

The Blanch’s logo and styling is reserved for external communications. The Blanch’s colours and typography are outlined on this page, if you require more information please contact: <contact details>

For all internal communications, please use the CDC Northern Territory stationery available.

Blanch’s Bus Company

Blanch’s Colours

Blanch’s Grey

CMYK 38/29/24/5

RGB 151/153/155

HEX #97999B

PMS Cool Grey 7

Blanch’s Green

CMYK 70/25/36/21

RGB 71/122/123

HEX #477A7B

PMS 7475 C

Blanch’s Gold

CMYK 0/46/100/5

RGB 219/138/6


PMS 7564 C

Blanch’s Red

CMYK 0/100/87/22

RGB 171/35/40

HEX #AB2328

PMS 7621 C

Blanch’s Typography

Helvetica Neue

Helvetica Neue

The preferred corporate typeface. The font is to be used on all external communications.

Helvetica Neue is available for purchase here:

Global offices