CDC Travel

The CDC Travel logo and styling is reserved for external communications. The CDC Travel colours and typography are outlined on this page, if you require more information please contact: <contact details>

For all internal communications, please use the CDC NSW materials available.

CDC Travel

CDC Travel’s Colours

CDC Blue 

CMYK 100/58/0/0

RGB 5/96/170

HEX #0560AA

PMS 300 C

CDC Travel Blue

CMYK 100/81/14/1

RGB 20/75/143

HEX #0032A0

PMS 286 C

Blue Gradient

CDC Travel Gold

CMYK 0/42/100/0

RGB 250/162/27


PMS 137 C

CDC Travel Orange

CMYK 0/67/100/0

RGB 244/117/33

HEX #E87722

PMS 158 C

Orange Gradient

CDC Travel’s Typography

Futura Std

Futura Std

The preferred corporate typeface. The font is to be used on all external communications.

Futura Std is available for purchase here:

Tuesday Night

Tuesday Night

The accent typeface for headings. This should be applied to large text only and if it applies to multiple lines of text, please ensure there is no overlapping and text remains legible.

Tuesday Night is available to download here:

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