Hillsbus Metro Connect

Hillbus Metro Connect is an on-demand bus service connecting its customers to the Sydney Metro in the Hills District of Sydney.

Colour Palette

Hillsbus Metro Connect’s brand includes a colour palette that has been carefully designed to marry the Hillsbus and Sydney Metro brands.

An extended colour palette has been created to bridge the gap between the Hillsbus red and blue and the Sydney Metro teal colours. Three additional colours are available for use on all branded materials, Pale Red, Pale Turquoise and Turquoise. Tints of these colours may also be used.

Hillsbus Metro Connect Logo

Hillsbus Metro Connect’s primary colours

Hillsbus Blue 

CMYK 100/53/0/65

RGB 0/48/87

HEX #003057

PMS 540 C

Metro Connect Grey

CMYK 0/0/0/40

RGB 165/165/166


PMS 179-6 C

Sydney Metro Teal 

CMYK 77/0/22/0

RGB 0/157/169

HEX #009DA9

PMS 121-14 C

Hillsbus Red

CMYK 0/95/100/0

RGB 218/41/28


PMS 485 C

Hillsbus Metro Connect’s extended colours

Hillsbus Red

Pale Red

CMYK 1/80/71/0

RGB 238/90/77


Pale Turquoise

CMYK 47/1/18/0

RGB 130/205/211



CMYK 77/14/30/1

RGB 16/163/175


Sydney Metro Teal

Hillsbus Blue

Hillsbus Metro Connect’s typography

Hillsbus Metro Connect Gotham


The preferred corporate typeface. The font is to be used on all communications.

Gotham is available for purchase here: www.typography.com/fonts/gotham/styles

Brand Elements


The detailed CDC illustration style has been adapted for Hillsbus Metro Connect. It features the Hillsbus Metro Connect colour palette as well as some Hills District specific buildings and streetscapes.

App Icon

There is also a logomark version of the logo for use where horizontal space is limited. As an example, the logomark is used for the app icon.

Hillsbus Metro Connect Illustration Example
Hillsbus Metro Connect Illustration Example
Hillsbus Metro Connect App Icon
Hillsbus Metro Connect App Icon
Hillsbus Metro Connect Application Examples
Hillsbus Metro Connect Application Examples

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