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Stacked versions of logos are suitable to use as small size social media display images, alternatively a high quality image of a relevant vehicle is also acceptable.


Posts should tell a story, content should be engaging and something the audience can easily relate to.

Less is more, use limited text – a headline, summary, call-to-action and hashtag is more than enough.

Tone of voice: be informal, straightforward and relevant; nothing complicated or patronising.

Social Media Examples
Social Media Examples


Every social media platform have their own specific recommendations for optimum specifications on posts, banners and display images.

The following diagrams display the current recommended specifications as at 2021.

Display Images

Display images always either appear in a square or circular container so images needs to maintain an aspect ratio of 1:1. If the container is circular, there also needs to be enough white space surrounding the logo to ensure it does not get cropped in any way.

Social Media Posts

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