Timetables & Network Information

In the case a timetable or map needs to be prepared, first check with your local public transport authority (e.g. TfNSW, PTV). If no required style exists, please refer to the CDC branded timetable and network information on the following pages.


The icons and local area information in the header should be changed to suit the relevant region.

Timetables Amp Network Information CDC Branded Map Examples
CDC Branded Map Examples

Map Route Colours

A list of ten colours have been selected specifically for the routes that appear on CDC branded maps. The colours have been chosen so that there is sufficient contrast between each and when they are lined up, it is easy to distinguish one route from the rest.

This colour palette should be used on maps, timetables and network information only.

CMYK 100/58/0/0

RGB 5/96/170

HEX #0560AA

PMS 300 C

CMYK 0/61/73/0

RGB 255/102/0

HEX #FF6600

PMS 164 C

CMYK 10/0/0/80

RGB 80/84/86

HEX #505455

Grey PMS 425 C

CMYK 80/15/0/0

RGB 0/160/222


PMS 299 C

CMYK 26/67/0/0

RGB 201/100/207


PMS 252 C

CMYK 69/3/89/26

RGB 68/136/62

HEX #44883E

PMS 7741 C

CMYK 0/32/100/0

RGB 242/169/0

HEX #F2A900

PMS 130 C

CMYK 0/100/76/13

RGB 186/12/47


PMS 200 C

CMYK 1/63/94/19

RGB 184/97/37

HEX #B86125

PMS 471 C

CMYK 94/100/0/1

RGB 68/0/153

HEX #440099

PMS Violet C

CDC Map Route Colours


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Timetables Amp Network Information CDC Branded Timetable Examples
CDC Branded Timetable Examples

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