Swan Taxis Introduces Driver Discount Package Providing Drivers with Financial Assistance to Stay on the Road

In the midst of what continues to be a challenging climate for many industries, Swan Taxis has announced lease and rank fee discounts for its driver members.

The $2.65 million initiative comes as the taxi industry faces one of its largest challenges ever, with the fee reduction designed to help drivers stay on the road and continue to provide a vital service for the people of Perth.

According to Government advice, the economic hit from COVID-19 is expected to last for at least six months, and in line with that advice, the fee reduction will be made available to drivers for a period up to six months.

Swan Taxis continues to work closely with Government authorities and will review the situation regularly based on their expert advice.

Swan Taxis CEO Carey Marshall explained how these are extremely challenging times for taxi drivers, with declining passengers and demand.

“We’ve seen a significant drop in customer demand as a result of the coronavirus pandemic,” he said

“It’s easily the largest crisis the taxi industry has faced to date – and as the largest taxi operator in Perth, we are doing everything we can to keep this essential service moving.

“We are committed to keeping our drivers on the road – top of mind is keeping on-demand transport services going, especially for vulnerable communities like the elderly and disabled.

“The fee reduction for our drivers is our way to ensure they continue to support their communities in this time of need – and combined with government support packages, our discount will go towards achieving this.”

In a bid to increase work for its drivers, Swan Taxis is also promoting its parcel delivery service to assist in moving items for businesses and people.

“We’ve been moving parcels for a very long time, for some major clients,” Mr Marshall said.

We’re now offering this service to people that may be stranded at home, or not comfortable venturing outside.

“Customers can have items delivered, with zero-contact, by making a pre-payed booking through our local call centre”.

For more information about this service, go to www.swantaxis.com.au or call 131330.



Swan Taxis operates the largest taxi dispatch service in Western Australia. Incorporated in Perth in 1928, the company has about 2000 drivers and over 1000 vehicles in its fleet. Swan Taxis is a member of ComfortDelGro, one of the largest land transport companies in the world that operates across seven countries. Swan Taxis drivers are mostly self-employed.



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