Swan Taxis Introduces Sanitation Stations and Driver Support Providing Passengers and Drivers with Added Security

Swan Taxis has introduced WA’s first sanitisation stations for taxis in Perth – in an effort to reduce the risk of contamination from COVID-19 and to ensure ongoing public confidence in the safety of taxis. The company is also introducing support measures to assist its drivers through the current COVID-19 events.

“The stations will be at the Perth Domestic Airport, Victoria Park, and Morley. They will be open to all Perth taxis, regardless of which brand they are, as a goodwill gesture and to make our contribution to the way in which the community responds to COVID-19,” said Mr Carey Marshall, CEO of Swan Taxis.

“We will provide a deep clean of the internals of the taxi using the high-grade disinfectant, and we will clean all the customer touchpoints such as the door handles.”

“The service is free, but we encourage drivers to donate a gold coin donation and the proceeds will go to the research of a COVID-19 vaccine.”

Swan Taxis is also introducing initiatives to support its taxi drivers through these times of uncertainty.

“Our passengers are important, but so too are our drivers. We will soon introduce financial incentives to help our drivers continue providing a valuable service to the public of Perth through this period of uncertainty,” Said Mr Marshall.

Swan Taxis is also encouraging passengers to adopt the concept of social distancing while using taxis.

“While it’s very un-Australian to sit in the back of a taxi, we are asking passengers, wherever possible, to sit in the rear passenger seats when traveling. This provides the recommended distance to minimise contamination from Coronavirus,” said Mr Marshall. “It’s just a simple precaution to protect one another.”

“We’re always here to help. More so now, people have concerns about travel, their safety and those of others. So, they rely on our call centre staff for advice and individual solutions. Something you can’t get from an App.” Said Mr Marshall.

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