Transborder Express

The Transborder Express logo must also always include the ‘A ComfortDelgro Company’ tagline in TBX Grey.

The Transborder Express corporate colours and typography are outlined on this page, if you require more information please contact:<contact details>.

Transborder Express

TBX Green 

CMYK 95/1/75/26

RGB 0/122/0

HEX #007A53

PMS 341 C

TBX Yellow

CMYK 0/25/94/0

RGB 255/184/28


PMS 1235 C

TBX Grey

CMYK 45/25/16/59

RGB 91/103/112

HEX #5B6770

PMS 431 C

Qcity Typography

Helvetica Neue

Helvetica Neue

The preferred corporate typeface. The font is to be used on all external communications.

Helvetica Neue is available for purchase here:

Global offices